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With Pagez, we specialize in creating awesome and engaging articles. Our goal is to create great content, a great user experience, and a long term business.

We are looking for members who want to do the same.

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Step 1: Create Awesome & Engaging Articles

We've created an amazing editor within Pagez that makes it really easy for you to create awesome and engaging articles.

Our editor has everything you need to create your articles and a simplicity that makes it more efficient than any other editor.

  • Format headers and paragraphs with a few clicks.
  • Instantly add images and videos.
  • Embed social media content from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Use our editor to create your article with everything you need to capture and hold the user's attention.

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Post Your Article and Earn

Post your Pagez article on your Facebook Page and earn money for every person that views it!

Your articles are automatically converted to Facebook Instant Articles for users viewing them from within the Facebook App and a browser version is available for everyone else.

You can earn revenue from every single pageview with our integration with the Facebook Audience Network and Google AdSense.

We pay all our members every Wednesday for all their article's earnings from the previous week.

Instant Articles + Facebook Audience Network = Great Opportunity

Every Pagez article is automatically converted into a Facebook Instant Article and then monetized used the Facebook Audience Network. We have found that Instant Articles not only get more pageviews on Facebook than a normal article, but that the average earnings from the Facebook Audience Network is higher than any other ad network!

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The Benefits of Using Pagez Instant Articles

Great Formatting

Instant Articles perform well and are well received by people on Facebook because they have great formatting.

Users know they don't have to worry about being bombarded by popups and unnecessary roadblocks. They just want to read the content you create. With Instant Articles through Pagez, that's exactly what we give them.

Great Ad Revenue

We are a Facebook Audience Network partner so all you have to do is create your articles and we'll do the rest for you.

Facebook Ads are automatically displayed throughout your articles and you earn money for each one viewed.

Pagez will track all your ad impressions and earnings and then pay you every week!

A Sustainable Income From Your Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages and the communities behind them are the backbone to Facebook's revenue model. Our goal is to help you create a sustainable income from your Facebook Pages and those communities. We'll pay you every week for every ad impression you generate from your Pages with Pagez!