The Element “Water” and its role in Nature Magic

Ever since the evolution of self-awareness, species have sought to understand the natural world around them and their purpose in it. The earliest spiritual seekers, who’s minds were uncluttered and unhindered by the seemingly infinite minutia inherent in both modern science and modern spirituality, found what they sought by observing and learning to work with the forces of nature that surrounded and pervaded them. From this emerged many nature-based spiritual and magical systems; one of which is respectfully working with The Elements.

We are most familiar with “Water” as the water we drink; the rain and snow etc that falls from the sky; from pools, streams, rivers and oceans. In addition, our adult human bodies are composed of around 60% water. Without water there would be no life on earth (as we know it) as water is essential to the myriad biological processes that take place in living cells, as well as in a host of essential chemical reactions in the environment.

Water is the most fluid and shifting of the elements and it is this quality which renders Water the Element of purification, love, our subconscious and psychic mind, and emotions. Just as water is in a constant state of flux, fluid and changing from one state to another, so too are our emotions, dreams and thoughts.

Examples of employing the element Water in nature magic are fertility, happiness, healing, sleep, dreaming, psychic acts (including scrying) and purification. To name but a few. To varying degrees the other elements can contribute to these Watery needs, and indeed when we perform nature magic we are usually employing more than one, if not all, of the elements. However, when we want to focus upon magical needs where the element Water is most relevant we can call upon natures liquid gifts for help, specific energy and magical focus: Most often water magic involves submerging items or our bodies in water, certain herbs, mirrors, the sea, fog and rain etc.

An example of a Water spells can be seen on the web page:

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