Mr Pickles mural - one step at a time

Adult Swim character immortalized in street art

Start with the end in mind

Many of you have seen this mural on Facebook and through other social media. This is a very detailed and clever piece of art. From a distance it just looks like cartoon character Mr Pickles. From close up it's so much more detailed.

A canvas

Take one wall in one nondescript neighborhood in Boston. Add in one contract to publicize a cult TV show...

An artist

Someone had to recreate the image in large scale. It's a skill in itself on a computer or a small piece of paper, but up a ladder on on a scaffold and a new perspective is required. A whole new group of skills are required.

A third dimension

This artwork is not just two dimensional. There is more depth to it than that.

A team

Like most successful large scale projects, you cannot rely on one person alone.

Detailed work

Much time and care went into the painting by the team.

What the heck is he doing?

Of course a mural has distractions and is also a distraction to passers by. The whole point is for people to notice it, no?


Rome wasn't built in a day, and Boston wasn't painted in a day.

The finale

The end result, is pretty eye catching and has stirred up interest from fans of pages like All Mr Pickles who are looking forward to the third series coming out this fall on Adult Swim.

A final bow

In typically modest fashion, a final bow from the artists at Overall Murals

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