Florida woman arrested for animal cruelty

NORTH PORT, Fla. - Thursday, Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Agricultural Unit arrested Kelsy Lewis, 26 for malnourishment and abandonment of two dogs.

Animal Services Officers were contacted in July by a neighbor who was concerned about two dogs that were confined to a lanai at 4417 Maraldo Drive in North Port. 

Officers found two dogs covered in urine and feces, without access to food or water. The dogs were immediately taken to a veterinarian for treatment. 

According to the Sheriff's Office, “Remy”, a male Boxer mix at the home, was extremely emaciated, and “Puppy,” a female Pit Bull mix, was flea ridden and missing patches of fur.

With the work of Animal Services complete, the case was turned over the SCSO Agricultural Unit. Deputies could not locate the homeowner for several weeks, but did track down a resident who once lived at the house, in Port Charlotte. 

Kelsy Lewis, 26, told deputies that she moved out of the house in March, around the time her boyfriend was arrested, and was unaware of who was caring for the dogs.

Deputies interviewed the boyfriend who said Lewis told him she was caring for the dogs while he was incarcerated. Neighbors told the deputies that Lewis was seen living at the house until early July.

Lewis is charged with two felony counts of Animal Cruelty – Failure to Act, and two misdemeanor counts of Animal Cruelty – Abandonment of Animals. 

Unfortunately, "Remy" was euthanized due to aggressive behavior.

However, "Puppy" will soon be available for adoption through the Animal Services section. 

Lakewood released a statement that included support from PETA.

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