Tyla Carr says Jonny Mitchell isn’t being himself in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Tyla Carr says Jonny Mitchell isn’t being himself in the Celebrity Big Brother house 

They were a rollercoaster ride of emotion in the Love Island villa, but now Tyla Carr and Jonny Mitchell are closer than ever.

Still, their closeknit friendship doesn’t mean Tyla is going easy on her mate as he battles it out for glory in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In fact, she isn’t all that impressed with how Jonny is acting on the Channel 5 show and thinks he can do much better to avoid eviction.

‘I don’t think he’s being himself,’ Tyla told Metro.co.uk.

‘I think a lot of people who watched Love Island will think he’s being Jonny, but it’s not him.

‘Its Year of the Woman, he’s got a lot of opinions, and political opinions, I don’t understand why he’s not getting involved more.

‘Maybe he’s against a lot of strong characters he doesn’t want to fight for conversation.

‘I think he’s trying to keep out of trouble and keep everyone happy, but that’s not what it’s about when you’re in there.’

Jonny and Tyla had a fleeting love affair during their time on the ITV2 reality belter last summer, but now she firmly said they’re ‘just friends’ – even though they grew close after re-entering the real world.

So much so she’ll be waiting for him on the outside once he leaves the show.

‘Nothing major happened to us in the Love Island house, so we chat, he talks to me about things and I talk to him about things; we’re in a very friendly friendship.

It’s nice that something came from it.

‘At the reunion we were joined at the hip, and Jonny isn’t one to hold a grudge so there’s no reason we couldn’t be friends.’

Late last year Jonny had a rather public break up with Stephanie Pratt, with an equally public slinging match emanating via social media.

Tyla admitted it was hard to see her friend portrayed a certain way in the press, when she ‘knew the real Jonny’.

‘I did stick up for him at the time, I spoke to him about what happened. ‘I did feel sorry for him because I feel like he was always made out to be the villain on Love Island – so was I.

‘[After the breakup] he was down in the dumps about it and trying to get on with his life.’

2018 isn’t about drama, though, as the bubbly brunette recently changed managers over the Christmas period in order to leap into the year and tick off her many aspirations after releasing her first calendar.

‘I’d love to be a Bond girl,’ she said enthusiastically.

The former Love Island star claimed his fellow housemates were happy to see him stay after India Willoughby became the first celebrity to leave the show this weekend.

Speaking in the diary room, Mitchell said hearing fans chant his name had brought a tear to his eye during Friday night’s live show.

In preview clips of the episode, he said: “If I’m totally honest… I don’t wanna sound harsh but I think the house is happier to have me here rather than India.”

He described the live eviction as “intense”, adding: “It was just like instantly emotional.

“I’d already got a bit crackly just from hearing people shout Jonny and hearing people cheer.

“I dunno when the last time I spurted a tear was but I didn’t think it would be on live TV that’s for sure.”

*Sourced from the Metro*

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