Bradford Community Kitchen feeds the homeless each Sunday

As you know there are many homeless people living in the UK that go days without eating proper food,its time to make a change,more and more charities are moving forward trying to help the homeless and Vunerable.

A COMMUNITY kitchen in bradford which first opened in april last year,and is still continuing to do what they do best,by feeding the homeless,its runs every sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Local Mp Naz shah also visited the community kitchen aswell as a local imam Asim hussain ,he said regarding the community kitchen "Pleasure to help out and contribute towards this weeks weekly feed the needy at Millside Community Centre in Bradford.

This is a weekly project for the homeless and most needy where they are given food and clothes for free, organised by BradfordCommunity Kitchen. We as muslims living in the west should help these projects for the sake of Allah. As they say charity begins at home. Not only are we helping but also contributing to the good image of Islam. Allah accept the good we do. Ameen."

“We have been delighted with the number of people who come and enjoy the food and chat, said Mr Satar.

“We can have up to 100 people come to us for food. Those who come are not only homeless, but may have mental health issues or simply have not enough money to feed themselves. We don’t turn anyone away.

“We have also managed to get a number of homeless people housed.”
Mr Satar, who owns the Office Furniture Company, in Sunbridge Road, added: “The Millside Centre has been really good to us.

“We have had the rooms and kitchen free of charge for the first 12 months, which runs out in April.
“After than we will have to start paying rent so we will be doing some fundraising events to cover the cost. I expect it to be around £100 per week.

“I have a separate Bradford Community Kitchen bank account and everything is receipted to show the money has been paid in and to show where it has been spent.

“We recently got a donation of £580 from Jamia Masjid Hanfia mosque, off Carlisle Road, in Bradford, which they wanted to put towards buying food.”
Other businesses which donate each week include Pakistan Catering, Rajas, Sweet Centre, Sunrise, Regal Food Products, Shalimar Catering, Gotyasize gym, Kamrans Solicitors, in Leeds, Good & Co solicitors and Gustoso noodles and salad bar, in Kirkgate.

Zulfi Hussain, who runs the Pavilion Cafe and Deeva Restaurant, Bradford, has donated clothing.
“We are looking forward to a busy 2018 and to helping more people,” said Mr Satar.


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