Top 8 Strongest Creature in One Piece

One Piece is full of Powerful characters. But aside from them, there are Creatures that even some of the pritates doesn’t want to deal with them. Today I’ll make the list of the strongest creature that can be found in One Piece Saga .

So let start.

8. Blugori

Blugori or Blue Gorilla is giant Gorilla with a skull painted mask that are first introduced at Impel down. They are so strong that they even hunt Sea kings for food. It wields double sided axes and guarding the Impel Down. Despite of being a mindless creature, they are under the command of Saldeath and controlling them using the flute .

7. Sphinx

Sphinx are mythological creature in Egypt. In One Piece, it is the boss of the Impel Down Level 2. It is a giant creature with a face of a human, body of the lion and wings of an eagle. They often mimics the word they hear from the human but they don’t understand it. It is strong that its became the Boss of the Impel Down Level 2.

6. Kraken

Kraken is a massive Octopus that is hundred times larger than the thousand sunny. It is also known as “Monster of the Arctic”, it can crushed several ships using its own tentacles and gaining the title of “enemy of the human race”. Due to its power, Hody Jones kidnapped and control it by making its family and other creature as a hostage.

5. Yuda

Yuda means travelling Snake are poisonus sea serpent roaming that can be found at calm belt, Some of them are owned by Shichibukai Boa Hancock. They are one of the creatures that even sea kings avoiding them. They were domesticated by Kuja Tribe and attached them to their ship so they can navigate it. Yuda is also one of the creatures that are known fiercer than the Sea kings.

4. Banawani

Banawani are massive crocodile with banana shaped heads. They are so fierce that they are considering the natural Predators of the Sea kings. They were first introduced at Alabasta Arc. Most of them are tamed by Crocodile even that this creature is so aggressive. Despite the fact of being the Predator of Sea kings they are still easily defeated by Sanji.

3. Humandrill

Humandrill are type of mandrill that can be found in Kuragiana Island. They are very intelligent to the point that they can imitate the fighting skills of the human. They are so strong that Zorro takes time to beat them because of they also imitate Zorro swordsmanship. They can also imitate Mihawk the Strongest swordsman in the world making it one of the strongest creature in one Piece.

2. Zunisha

Zunisha is first introduced at the Zou Arc. It is a thousand year elephant that roaming in the New world. It has an island on its back called Zou Island where the Mink Tribe located. Zunisha oftenly suck up sea water and throw it to its back which give Minks fish supply. At first we thought that Zunisha is just an old elephant walking around, until it shows its power when Jack and his crew try to killed it. It begged Luffy and Momonusuke (both of them have the ability to hear the voice of all things) to ask permission to allow it to protect them and the island. Momonusuke gave Zunisha a permission , It beats Jack along with his crew ships with just one swing of its trunk.

1. Sea Kings

Sea Kings are sea creatures with a massive size than any other creature living under the sea. They can be found around the Grand Line (especially at Calmbelt) and also can be found in other place throughout the world. Most of the other sea creatures fear the Sea Kings.

One of them is called “The lord of the coast” one of the smallest sea king that was first introduced at episode 1 of One Piece where it tries to eat Luffy then Shanks came to scare it and saves Luffy with the cost of his left arm. Then Luffy knocked it down again when he start to Roam the sea as a Pirate. Despite the fact of being some of them are preyed by other creatures. They are still one of the Strongest since not all of them are discovered. The Sea Kings summoned by Shirahoshi is so Large that make the fishman look like ants. It also stopped the Noah from Crashing the Fishman Island. As for now, we don’t yet see the full potential of them but we are expecting them showing their full power at future episode of One Piece.

Kaido is considered as the “Strongest Creature in the word” but despite being called a “creature” he stills possesses the properties of the human so I did not add him to this list.

There still undiscovered creature in One Piece and soon to be revealed in the future episodes that can be even stronger in my current list. That’s for all, thanks for Reading.