The Gods of Destruction, also recognized as Destroyers, are deities who destroy threats that put at risk the development of their respective universes. There is a Destroyer for each of the twelve universes introduced in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super has a complicated Power-scale, and it only gets worse when the Gods of Destruction are introduced. The anime has done a lot to examine the twelve universes and their gods.

NOTE:- Universe with higher Mortal Level does not necessarily possess stronger fighters since power represents only one of many measured factors.

12. Sidra (Universe 9)

11. Rumoosh (Universe 10)

10. Heles (Universe 2)

She tends to destroy things she considers disgusting, and her universe still has the second highest mortal level in the eight Universes participating in the Tournament.

9. Mosco (Universe 3)

In the manga, while the Zen Exhibition Match between all 12 Destroyers, Moscow was shown able to sneak behind Beerus and catch him in a hold, only momentarily as Beerus was able to overpower himself out of the hold.

8. Champa (Universe 6)

Champa is the Destroyer of Universe 6 and the brother of Beerus. Champa is a purple cat-like humanoid, like his twin, but with a chunkier build a much shorter tail.

Champa is also shown to have low endurance, unable to move about for extended periods of time without getting exhausted.

7. Quitela (Universe 4)

In the manga, Quitela was powerful enough to defeat Beerus at arm wrestling, Though Beerus stated that he wouldn’t lose to him in hand to hand fight and likewise Quitela initially fails to land a hit on the Beerus in the Zen Exhibition Match.

6. Liquiir (Universe 8)

He is confident about his Universe’s superiority, But he was visibly stunned when Universe 9 was erased like many other Gods of Destruction.

5.Iwan (Universe 1)

A skilled God of Destruction of the universe with the highest Mortal level. Iwan has a strong passion, enthusiasm, or explosive feelings in contrast to his calm appearance.

Through his Fight with Liquiir and Arak, you see his Techniques and there just stunning.

4.Arak (Universe 5)

While some of the other Gods of Destruction appear to be lazy, Arak is shown to be a disciplined God, regularly meditating and continuing his training as a God.

3.Gin (Universe 12)

Gin seems to be a very confident and proud of himself, as he widely smiles when the two Zeno Sama spares his universe. He has done his job well-meaning he doesn’t have to participate in the Tournament, and he is chill When universe nine is Erased.

2.Beerus (Universe 7)

In the manga, it is said that all the Gods of Destruction hold a Grudge against Beerus because he falls asleep during Zeno’s Hide and Seek Tournament. That made Zeno angry, and the other Gods had to quickly prepare to relieve his anger, life or death choice that they would always hold a grudge against Beerus.

In the manga, all the Gods of Destruction decide to team up against Beerus!

Beerus is more than capable of holding his own against them all without showing any signs of being severe.

1.Belmod (Universe 11)

As with all Destroyers, Belmod is amazingly strong, only beings surpassing him in his Universe is his angel Marcarita. Belmod seems to have a good relationship with Kai. Rather than being arrogant or acting superior to his counterpart, Belmod is willing to listen to him. In Manga, Jiren is stronger than Belmod. That’s it for my list, stay tuned for more.

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