How to Run in Heels

Be a Stiletto Sprinter

Running in Heels

Whether you are an important corporate women or a college going girl, high heels are an important part of your daily life. We like to wear high heels and strut around confidently, but when it comes to running around errands it becomes a tough ordeal.

Sometimes when you need to run to catch the speeding cab or rush to that important meeting, you are caught on the wrong foot! You realize that perhaps wearing high heels was not a good idea and were better off in plain flat footwear.

Well, fear not, for we have some tips for you to run around in high heels without injuring yourself. Prepare your body for the onslaught of running around in heels – Weak ankles and out of shape bodies can hurt big time while running around in heels.

How to prepare

Firstly, strengthen your ankles and perform ankle strengthening exercises for a week before you want to wear high heeled shoes. If you wear them all the time, then make sure this is part of your home or gym workout routine. As well as being able to run, sway or strut in heels, you'll also have awesome defined legs. That never hurt anyone.

Stretch your feet and ankles before wearing high heels. Build strength in the ankle area to run around in heels. This will help in reducing the chances for injury and damage.

Before making the decision of running in high heels, learn how to walk perfectly in them. It is important to balance yourself and run without falling.

Opt for thick or wide heels which will give your feet ample support. Running in stilettos can be dangerous and lead to sprained ankles.

While running around in heels, be cautious about any holes and uneven surfaces. It is hard to walk or run in high heels when you are walking on grass.

Practice perfect posture for running on high heels – Stand straight, make sure your hands are 6 cam away from your side and point your palm to the floor.

While you are walking on flat surface, press the heel of your foot to the ground. Do this with the other foot and keep your posture while running. Add in some few hip swings into the run for cutting down the strenuous effort and for more bounce.

While running down the steps, it is easy to be on your toes. Lift the heel a little above the around and step down in a way your foot lands in that position.

While running on pavement or sidewalk, ensure that your heels don’t get caught up in any surface or groove.

The Technique

1) Select a heel you can move in, keeping comfort, a thicker heel, and a flexible arch in mind.

2) Transition your weight onto the balls of your feet.

3) Practice barefoot and begin with a light jog before increasing the speed.

4) Practice in your heels.

5) Identify your personal speed of escaping in heels to effectively calculate the option of escaping in a real-life situation.

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