21 Things That Happen In Every Girls Group Chat

1. When the group chat is lit but you're at work so you can't answer, so you just have miss out on the bants.

2. ... then when you can eventually get to your phone, you've got like, 500 messages.

3. You all take turns at getting roasted, and 'cos it's not you, you go in hard: 'HAHAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT, HOW EMBARRASSING'.

4. ... but when the person getting roasted is you, you just ride that wave and take it like a boss because let's face it, all you can come back with is an emoji.

5. Every time you get ready for a night out, you send selfies of potential outfits to make sure your chosen get up has the squad's approval.

6. When you send a message but get ignored... *seriously, hyperventilating*

7. When you make a funny joke but no one responds, so you go back in to the chat and check that they've all read it.

8. This is the place where ALL group plans are made. 'Soooooo who's free this Saturday?'

9. But you get severe FOMO when the group all arrange something that you can't go to.

10. When you find the most relatable meme ever online and have to share it straight away with the caption 'this is us' and crying laugh emojis 'cos you know it will give the group so many feels.

11. The group chat has a name that only you and your squad understand, something that to anyone outside of the group would sound totally cringe.

12. The anger you feel when someone changes the name of the chat without discussing it with the rest of the group first.

13. Waking up after a night out and reliving all the down right hilarious things that happened last night - 'Remember when you cried in the kebab shop because the man wouldn't give you any more cheese on your cheesy chips?'

14. When someone from inside the chat, messages you privately outside of the chat, about what you're all talking about inside the group chat.

15. That feeling of anticipation when you have some big news, and the first place you share it? The group chat of course!

16. When one of you is texting a potential new bae and asks the group what to say next, so all of you basically write their whole conversation for them.

17. You all collectively compile a response to a fuck boy's latest text.

18. That girl you all hated at school shares her gross new haircut/boyfriend/tattoo on Facebook, so someone screen shots said post then sends it to the group for a serious analysis/mock fest

19. When one of you is hungover and feeling like a troll, so sends a selfie to the group looking their ABSOLUTE worst, then you all send one to make her feel better.

20. The confusion when you want to reply to a message but the conversation has moved on, and it would just make no sense to reply now.

‚Äč21. When you're too drunk to type, so just send inaudible voice notes which you think are super easy to understand... until you listen to them the following morning *doh*

*Sourced from sofeminine*

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