VIDEO: Watch All Of Jim's Pranks Against Dwight

All of Jim's Most Memorable Pranks

Jim vs Dwight

Some of the most memorable scenes of The Office were always the neverending pranks and tomfoolery between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. From the subtle beginnings to later more elaborate endeavors. Like the time Jim framed Dwight for murder. Personally, I love a good workplace prank just as much as the next guy but only if I'm the one doing the pranking.

Enemies from the very beginning

Let's face it! From the very beginning, Jim and Dwight were rivals. Jim had a genuine hated for his co-worker while Dwight Hated Jim's lazy nature. For the next nine years, the two would remain, bitter enemies. It was a constant battle of wits, cruel words and open hostility between the two. The dynamic duo gave us some of The Office's best material. Eventually, the longtime Dunder-Mifflin officemates ended the hatred and became 'Besties'. Jim even was "bestest mensch" at Dwight's wedding. 

Over the years there have been plenty of crazy fun in The Office. Let revisit some of Jim's best pranks against Dwight.:


This video was produced and uploaded by The Office's official youtube page a few weeks ago. The video has since then gotten over 3 million views. Here's a fun fact: the guy in fame at 8:46 was actually one of the original actors who tried out for the part to play Jim when the show was first launched. Just thought I would throw that out there...

The Asian Jim prank is one of my favorites, but the one were they trick Dwight into thinking he was being recruited as a secret agent is a close second. Its a shame it didn't make it into this video. What's your favorite Jim and Dwight prank?  Tell us in the comment below.

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