President Trump Acknowledges A Treaty With Extraterrestrials!

In a press conference today, US President Donald Trump surprisingly acknowledged the US Government has had contact with extraterrestrials for some time!

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No one came into this world for work purposes, but to find their passion. Life is also about having a good time and a great laugh every once in a while.

Now that I took you away from your work for a minute, give thought about what you love to do, something that you could spend hours doing even if you didn't get paid for it. But then, think of ways you could monetize that passion and take action so that one day you can live doing what you love!

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said something in the lines of: "If you can figure out how to make money doing what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life."

God bless!

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Según un reportaje del diario inglés "The Independent" sugiere, con nuevas informaciones, que un incendio fue decisivo para el hundimiento del Titanic.

Muchos de los alimentos que consumimos diariamente nos hacen mal a los seres humanos, cuando los comemos en exceso.