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Mr Pickles tattoo artist revealed

It's weird that one picture can stir up so much interest. A photo of a tattoo was posted on All Mr Pickles. It was shared on AllRickAndMorty. In the weeks that followed over 700,000 people have viewed this. One of those people was a tattoo artist called Joey Peterson who was a little pissed that fan pages use tattoo artist's work without attribution. We talked and he connected us with the artist, Ethan Pease. Here is our version of attribution. :)


Q: Ethan, when did you become a tattoo artist?

A: I started apprenticing at Lucky 13 in 2011 and started tattooing in 2012.


Q: Who or what influences you?

A: My artistic influences include HR Giger, Alex Grey, and Guy Aitchison. My influences in tattooing are too many to name: Guy Aitchison, Aaron Cain, Jesse Levitt, Dan Hazleton, Ron Earhart, Adam France, Gifford Kasen, Markus Leonard, BJ Betts, Norm, Bob Tyrell, Kelly Doty, Timmy B, Scott Olive... anyone who does solid work; whether it's new school, organic, lettering, or realism I have someone I'm influenced by.


Q: What is the weirdest tattoo you've agreed to doing?

A: Being that Lucky 13 is a street shop vs. an all custom, appointment only shop I've done a lot of, what some people may say, are stupid tattoos. I've tattooed a fishing centaur silhouette, names (people ask me to make easy to cover up in the future), I tattooed someone getting the same name on their shoulder blade that they already had covered on their other shoulder blade. I've tattooed butterfly wings on vaginas and a tribal scorpion on a woman's crotch where she'll never see it.?But tattoos like the Mr. Pickles piece I did are the most fun to me. Someone with a sense of fun regarding tattoos is hard to come by nowadays. Everyone has a Pinterest tattoo they want, and they want it?exactly the same, even if they say "I want something original."

Not that pickle, the other one

Q: How many sessions and how much time did the Mr Pickles tattoo take??

A: ?The tattoo was done all at once in a 2 1/2-3 hour session on a calf. I unfortunately don't have any progress pictures. The tattoo is on a gentlemen named Wyatt Swaney.


Q: How weird is it that over 700,000 people have seen one of your tattoos??

A: Hearing that anything close to 700,000 people have seen this tattoo and liked it is amazing! I work hard to improve my tattoos and art everyday so that is definitely an encouraging development.


Q: Ha, ha. We didn't say they?all?liked it. Any messages for the haters who rant about the "demonic and satanic" images?

A: To anyone who thinks demonic or satanic imagery is offensive or inappropriate, I'd just like to ask them how many people have died, or killed, or both, in the name of "God." And if they're still too brainwashed to see their hypocrisy then I pity them and envy their ignorance.


Q: Any messages for the fans of your work?

A: To any fans of my work I'd like to say thank you so much!!! I had no idea one tattoo could resurface 2 years later with such enthusiasm! Thanks to anyone who has gotten tattooed by me, or recommended me to tattoo their friends.

Want to get Ethan to tattoo you?

Q: If anyone wants to contact you for a fun or challenging tattoo, or wants to see more of your work how can they do that?

A: A lot of my work is on my Instagram page. Instagram: ethan_pease

If people want to contact me about getting a tattoo they can email: [email protected] or stop by the shop if they are in Richmond, VA.

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